I am Saying, It may be difficult to determine the outcome of future events with artificial intelligence and all of its predictions, but in the end, there is no way to guarantee what the future holds.

Trying to go it alone isn’t the way to do it in this type of market. That’s why I rely on tools like trendhunter.com that utilize data and analysis to identify emerging consumer trends and to see how they may impact the market.

For the last decade, they have produced a digital trends report every year. Three of the megatrends they believe are shaping the market in 2021, let’s examine them. The first of these looks at prosumerism, which is the idea of finding ways to provide consumers with easy access to advanced professional tools so that they can accomplish their goals.

There are several ways to go about that. One is to design micro-learning experiences that help people learn a new skill. Also, you know that your customers are constantly pressed for time, which means if your brand can come up with an effective way to help them, satisfy a need, or simplify their lives, you’re just helping them with three of their problems.

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Easy Customer Targeting Using Digital Trends

One example of a related field could be if customers are interested in interior design, a home d├ęcor brand may produce a series of tutorials that demonstrate new ways they can enhance the look and feel of their living spaces by incorporating calming and serene design elements. Because you’re giving your customers a valuable resource as well as showing how your products help with their creativity, this serves the interests of both your customers and your brand.

To put it another way, boomers and millennials may not look like they have much in common, but there are many aspects to their generation and behavior that can be compared. In fact, the second mega-trend we’re interested in the digital trend of marketing to boomerninnies, which we define as older boomers with millennial tendencies.

Since we are going to see overlap between these two demographics, it makes sense that we would. Both are drawn from large pools of participants, and both value activism and personal relationships, and as more baby boomers decide to slow down and focus on personal wellness, the strategies employed by millennial marketers may be useful in attracting the target demographic of 60 and over.

There are all kinds of ways to utilize the boomerennial eco-credentials and passions: think about the entirety of products that are natural and those that encourage eco-friendly travel, or think about a series of podcasts that are all about boomerennials’ interests and passions. The third megatrend that we are going to explore is content curation and how it can be used to connect with new customers and prospects at the critical stages when first-time experiences occur.


understand your customer’s needs by curating customize packages

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For example, here are a few things that newlyweds should strive to accomplish: Getting married, buying a first home, having a baby, starting a business, and you know your brand gets it, so use these packages to create custom content tailored to support new customers in making the most of their first times. The e-commerce space is particularly conducive to innovation.


New retail products and business models can be developed for existing e-commerce players, such as retail and apparel brands, which can use existing e-commerce infrastructure such as websites and Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook to collect tips and inspiration on how to deal with new parenthood, or gift companies could incorporate popular Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook images for creative ideas for engagement.

Knowledge of what’s popular in the industry and the ability to know when to alter your product offerings in order to stay up to date with current fashion trends will enable you to keep your brand current and fresh. To both help your customers choose you as their go-to brand, as well as ensure your customers’ trust in you, this is important.