Strategically refining your company’s content mix to Turning Social Media Marketing Strategy Into Action. A current issue when it comes to tools and apps is the uncertainty that exists; everything is constantly changing, which makes it hard to keep track of them. To determine the answer to this question, you should be evaluating the value your content delivers to your customers.

Have they given you any indication of whether or not they’ve seen and/or shared the content you’ve shared?. In order to carry out effective marketing and content marketing, you must comprehend your customers and their needs. As these have always been and always will be fundamental to your approach. Learn everything you can about your customers by looking into who they are.

Turning Social Media Marketing Strategy Into Action

Gain a full understanding of your customers

By looking at their demographics, behaviors, purchases, questions, and any other customer relationship data your business may have. Starting from this point, you should expect to find insights and emerging trends. When thinking about their day, what social media networks customers are on, what they require at the moment, and how you can help, consider their lives. Since Topsy Turvy is such a big brand, perhaps they should work on products that are featured on shoppable photos that showcase their merchandise or recipe videos that provide useful baking and party tips.

Businesses have numerous ideas to choose from, all with their own variations. Your content mix is based on your customer preferences and the needs of your business. When you listen and understand your customers, you will be able to capture their interests, not when you send out sales messages on every single app.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t promote or sell your products from time to time, but the relationship you have with your customers should be the top priority for your marketing efforts. A good way to optimize your content is to consider it as a series of content pieces rather than just one piece. It is important to be aware of how your stories play out over time on various social media channels that will help you Turning Social Media Marketing Strategy Into Action.

Turning Social Media Marketing Strategy Into Action

To give another example, Topsy Turvy Bakery could post a picture of a new recipe on Pinterest and use that picture as a promoted pin. Additionally, they could share that recipe in a blog post and include a photo of the finished dish on Instagram or in a Facebook post. In this section, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of content management and distribution.

You should choose a content management platform

Like WordPress or Drupal. I hate to say it, but that is another one of those questions where the answer depends on the circumstances because there are many variables to consider and the range of possible outcomes seems infinite. When you’re looking for a content management platform, consider what CMS provider you’re currently using and whether or not you’re satisfied with them?

What is your budget, and how will you measure return on investment? How many and skilled individuals do you have on your team?. Are you interested in having a backend that supports multiple users, or do you only need something simpler for you?. Are there any of your existing partners who can provide a solution in which you could get a discount?.

Instead of settling on one social media management platform, make sure to use a variety of platforms and ask to test drive the different platforms to find out which one offers the best fit for your needs. You can take our free course on social media marketing tools for more information. Every business faces the challenge of finding their company’s story and sharing it with the world.

The more social media platforms people use, the more options they have. It doesn’t matter what type of content you decide to create or which platforms you choose to optimize and manage, your customers are at the center. Additionally, you will need to determine how to best support and interact with the people you want to reach. Where all the action is. That’s your content marketing sweet spot, and where it all begins.

Turning Social Media Marketing Strategy Into Action

Turning Social Media Marketing Strategy Into Action

Once upon a time, you know, I just can’t help myself. My view is that all great stories should begin in this manner. Now that you know this story, you will realize how odd it is that this little yellow ghost wanted to be noticed. It came up with a very cool and original way for people to share small personal vignettes, and it gave the vignettes all kinds of bright and glittery decoration as well as lots of ribbon and bow tie embellishment.

On that particular day, a giant came across a colorful package that he was excited about, tore it open, and shouted. “This is all mine!” As you probably know, the rest of the story is this. Instagram stories were the brainchild of the little giant, and this led to the feature being one of the most popular aspects of the social media platforms.

But, of course, the little ghost, Snapchat, should be given full credit for developing the format. A brief episodic narrative in which images, video, text, filters, emoji, gifs, doodles, polls, and hashtags are used in a personal and distinctive way to tell a story. They’re ideal for catching a specific moment, a major announcement, a special occasion, or a day in the life of your brand.

This class of asset generally vanishes within a day and is produced in real-time, which means you don’t need large-scale production values. However, since you’re obviously aware of that, it should be obvious that the first step in telling a story is to create a story idea or structure. At the very least, something that ties it together, even if that is in the loosest of ways.

Take into consideration your intended message.

Excitement, humor, empathy, these are qualities that will help make your story stand out and what will your call to action be?. It is a structure with episodic content, but it also contains focused and ongoing plots that keep users engaged. Additionally, be sure to experiment with various visuals to see what will best resonate with your customers, because Turning Social Media Marketing Strategy Into Action needed extra work.


Once you have an idea, develop a rough storyboard to visually demonstrate how the scenes will be laid out and how they will flow. You can prepare a storyboard by making a digital drawing or by drawing a storyboard the old-fashioned way by illustrating the frames of a cartoon. Additionally, make sure to think of your storyboard as being designed vertically so your final product is easily viewed when your audience uses their mobile devices.

Work on your script to help Turning Social Media Marketing Strategy Into Action

Most of us aren’t improvisational comedians who can spontaneously and humorously produce a witticism at any time. That’s why you should spend time working on your script ahead of time. Also, when I say “script,” I’m not referring to a fully-fledged screenplay. It’s a good idea to keep this in mind when considering how comic books can be a great example, especially because of how they utilize short bursts of descriptive text to generate an emotion.

Turning Social Media Marketing Strategy Into Action

In any storytelling medium, however, scripted your stories may be, you will want to create additional moments on the fly. Don’t try to be too strategic or purposeful with your story development, or every frame will look the same. Mash it all up. illustrate and demonstrate visually as well as in a mobile-first manner Let’s take a look at what a storyboard for Topsy Turvy might look like.

Say they are going to showcase an inside peek into the day-to-day operations, how about we start off with an introspective selfie video of Audrey Topsy, the organization’s director, explaining what we’ll be watching?. It would be a nice touch to add a location tag or geo-filter highlighting her neighborhood. There is also a possibility that this is a video of her team getting ready for the next segment.


For you to be able to better connect with the team, here are some fun lenses you might want to use. Let’s take it to frame by frame and frame three could focus on cupcakes, complete with some doodles, gifs, or emoji to set the stage for the finished product. Do you see what I mean?. It is all about creative bursts of storytelling that help your customers see your brand personality in a brief and authentic manner.